Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 12:11

State of the Basin

The State of the Basin is an indicator monitoring initiative that reports on trends in economic, social, cultural, and environmental well-being across the Columbia Basin-Boundary region. Originally a project of Columbia Basin Trust, the State of the Basin has been an RDI program since 2012. 

A variety of knowledge products are associated with the State of the Basin program, including:

  • annual snapshot reports (short, graphic summaries of select indicators),
  • annual trends analyses (in-depth annual reports on State of the Basin indicators, grouped by theme),
  • subjective well-being reports (results of a poll of Columbia Basin-Boundary residents focused on perceptions and behaviours, and
  • occasional long reports (compilations of all current State of the Basin research).


Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development


The work of the RIC is based on regional priorities and partnerships with local and regional organizations and businesses. By supporting evidence-based planning and decision-making, the RIC aims to improve the economic climate of regional rural communities.

The RIC was formally established in 2006 to conduct a program of research in rural economic development. The position is supported through an endowment established under the BC Leading Edge Endowment Fund, which included matching funding from non-government sources.


Kootenay Workforce Development Initiative


The purpose of this industry-led economic development initiative is to support the development and implementation of strategies and pilot projects that provide competitive advantage for target clusters in the Columbia Basin-Boundary region. This initiative is guided by the Kootenay Workforce Development Initiative (KWDI), a CBT-funded, Selkirk College-College of the Rockies-supported partnership designed to advance training, skills and workforce development efforts in the region specific to the region’s target clusters.