Signature Programs - State of the Basin

Signature Programs - State of the Basin

The State of the Basin is an indicator monitoring initiative that reports on trends in economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being across the Columbia Basin-Boundary region. Originally a project of Columbia Basin Trust, the State of the Basin has been an RDI program since 2012.

A variety of knowledge products are associated with the State of the Basin program, including:

  • annual snapshot reports (short, graphic summaries of select indicators),
  • annual trends analyses (in-depth annual reports on State of the Basin indicators, grouped by theme),
  • subjective well-being reports (results of a poll of Columbia Basin-Boundary residents focused on perceptions and behaviours, and
  • occasional long reports (compilations of all current State of the Basin research).

Snapshot Reports

Long Reports

Trends Analysis Briefs

Subjective Well-Being Reports

Community Profiles