Signature Programs - Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development

Signature Programs - Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development

Tue, 08/01/2017 - 12:00

The work of the RIC is based on regional priorities and partnerships with local and regional organizations and businesses. By supporting evidence-based planning and decision-making, the RIC aims to improve the economic climate of regional rural communities.

The RIC was formally established in 2006 to conduct a program of research in rural economic development. The position is supported through an endowment established under the BC Leading Edge Endowment Fund, which included matching funding from non-government sources.

Goals of the Regional Innovation Chair

Based on a foundation of applied research and outreach, the goals of the Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development are to:

  • Develop the capacity in the region for sound decision-making in matters related to economic development, through the provision of relevant research data and analysis, together with related skill and capacity development;

  • Assist in the diversification of the regional economy through the promotion of innovation and technology transfer in existing and new enterprises; and

  • Support provincial and national networks that undertake applied research on the revitalization of high amenity, highly rural communities and regions.

Resources & Outputs

Regional and Sector Specific Reports
  • New Technology, Manufacturing & Metallurgy Sector Training & Skills Development, Spring 2017:  (PDF)
  • Mining And Metallurgical Sector BRE, Spring 2016:  (PDF)
  • Agricultural Planning in the Basin-Boundary Region, Spring 2016: (PDF)
  • Tourism Sector BRE, Fall 2016: (PDF)
  • Identifying and Valuing Agricultural Lands, Winter 2016: (PDF)
  • Innovation in the Basin-Boundary Beef Supply Chain, Winter 2016: (PDF)
  • Columbia Basin-Boundary BRE, Winter 2016: (PDF)
  • Manufacturing and Technology Sector BRE, Spring 2013: (PDF)
  • Employment Lands: Exploring Wealth Generating Lands and Related Infrastructure Assets, Spring 2013: (PDF)
Sub-Regional and Community Specific Reports
  • Slocan Valley Home-Based Businesses, Fall 2017: (PDF)
  • Creston BRE, Spring 2016 (PDF)
  • Fernie BRE, Spring 2016: (PDF)
  • Kimberley BRE, Spring 2015: (PDF)
  • Sparwood BRE, Winter 2015: (PDF)
  • Revelstoke BRE, Fall 2015: (PDF)
  • Slocan Valley BRE, Winter 2013: (PDF)
  • Nakusp BRE, Fall 2013: (PDF)
  • Golden BRE, Fall 2013: (PDF)
  • Lower Columbia BRE, Spring 2013: (PDF)
  • Boundary BRE, Spring 2013: (PDF)
Literature Reviews
  • Economic Development Performance Measurement (DOC)
  • Assessing & Measuring Resilience (PDF)
  • What is Asset-Based Development (PDF)
  • Measuring & Evaluating Community Assets (PDF)
  • Identifying Assets for the Knowledge Economy (PDF)


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